Dr. John Alexander was interviewed this month by Ryan Varney about his latest book, Samuel Adams: The Life of an American Revolutionary.  The full interview was posted on the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences news site.

Writing the book changed my perspective on Samuel Adams in one important way. I already knew that he believed government must be rooted in the rule of law and that he acted from a principled desire to defend the people’s basic rights. I also knew that Samuel did not crave money, did not thrust for popularity and despised pomp. But reading all of his writings and assessing his actions gave me a new and deeper appreciation of how Adams’ words and deeds provide a veritable guide to responsible citizenship and public service in a republic. If America’s voters and elected officials strove to meet the standards Samuel Adams enunciated and acted upon, America would benefit mightily.

The book is in stores now, and if you visit the office 331 in the History Department at the right time, you may be able to get your copy signed.