The Department of History at the University of Cincinnati is a dynamic community consisting of twenty four permanent faculty members, over two hundred and fifty undergraduate majors, and an active core of forty plus graduate students in our masters and doctoral programs.

Located in the heart of a major metropolitan area and supported by the resources of a large and vibrant public research university, our department is able to provide a rich selection of opportunities for studying and researching the past.  Our professors engage in a wide range of activities including teaching, research, and service, both to the academic history profession as well as to the public at large.  And our students explore the past through a kaleidoscope of subjects – from the history of fashion to military, environmental, and business history, women’s history, and the history of religion, culture, and politics.  Our courses cover all periods in the past and span the globe, from the Ohio Valley and North America to Latin America, Europe, India, China, Russia, and the Middle East and new areas of study are continually being added.

Take time to explore the Department of History online and feel free to schedule a visit to find out more about what our faculty and students are up to.  We think you’ll agree that History has a lot to offer!  To learn more about the Department of History at the University of Cincinnati, please visit:  http://www.artsci.uc.edu/history/